State of the Blog 2018

Andrew McCutchen and Gerrit Cole might be gone, but fear not, for I am back for another season!

The Pirates off-season was rather boring, and so was Cannonball Corner. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to blog much, but I’m hoping my schedule will clear up soon and I’ll be able to write (much) more often.

The Pirates off-season went something like this:

In the poll, the majority of voters said the Pirates off-season grade was a C. I think that is fair. Yes, they lost McCutchen and Cole. But they also gained some pieces that could (should?) help in 2018 and beyond. Spring training is not a good time for optimism nor is it a great time to be pessimistic (remember that time Juan Nicasio was Clayton Kershaw in March?). With that said, watching the Pirates lose two games yesterday for a combined total of 28-6 was not pleasant. This time has some upside for sure, but that upside comes with obvious downside. Luck is a major part of baseball, and I wouldn’t be totally shocked if the Pirates manage to win 85 games if everything goes right for them. But, as of right now, this club is looking like a 75 game winner at best.

Overall, I’m very excited about the 2018 Pirates… more on that later.

I’m glad the Pirates are back, and I’m glad to be writing again. Hopefully you enjoy the season and the content I come up with in 2018! In the meantime, here are the top posts of 2017:

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