Nick Kingham Promoted Back To The Pirates

Photo: Clinton Cole, Future Sox


While Joe Musgrove tossed 7 shutout innings for the Pirates on Friday, Nick Kingham pitched just 1 shutout inning for the Indianapolis Indians. This led to some speculation that Nick Kingham might have been injured, but Clinton Cole of FutureSox happened to be at the right place at the right time (sitting in the Indians dugout) and heard that Nick Kingham was being promoted back to the Major Leagues.

This tweet from Clinton Cole started the Kingham rumor, and Pirate fans were quick to hound him with ‘IS THIS REAL???’ tweets.


He said he was able to confirm that Kingham is on his way to Pittsburgh after overhearing Brian Esposito, the Indianapolis Indians manager, speak about the promotion. Clinton Cole also talked directly to Kingham’s teammates who verified that Kingham was in fact on his way to Pittsburgh.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for Neal Huntington, as Marte is due back and someone will have to be placed on the disabled list in order for Kingham to be recalled. It’s going to be tough to send down Austin Meadows, so maybe someone from the bench gets demoted or placed on the disabled list.

The MLB rulebook states that a player must spend at least 10 days in the minors after they’ve been optioned:

“Ten-Day Rule. A Major League Club may not recall to the Active Roster a
player who is on optional assignment until 10 days of the championship season have
elapsed from the date of the optional assignment (see Article XXI(B) of the Basic
Agreement regarding counting days on option), unless the Club obtains prior
approval from the Commissioner or the Commissioner’s designee and one of the
following conditions applies:

Read more here… (Page 80)


There has been speculation that either Nova or Taillon will be the ones going to the disabled list. Although it is odd that Kingham started the game at all, his one inning of work could have been a substitute for a side bullpen session.



Based off of this tweet from Biertempfel, it seems unlikely that Nova will be the one heading to the disabled list. But this is weird. This is all weird, and I have no idea what’s going on here. My gut tells me Taillon will go to the disabled list, but my brain tells me this is chaos and I just have no idea. I said this stretch of games against the Cardinals and Cubs would be exciting, but I didn’t expect it to be *this* exciting *this* quickly.

Nothing has been made official by the team just yet, but all signs point to Kingham joining the team shortly. Kingham is already 26 and the team and was given an additional option year after missing time throughout his career. Thank goodness for that rule, because it looks like the Pirates have a legitimate starter in Nick Kingham.


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